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Patricia Librada Wald-Hopkins
2/5 Manifesting Generator (56I60 3I50)

Modern Mystic, Soul Liberation Guide, Infinite Self Catalyst, Inspired Life Coach, Emissary of Sacred Earth & Founding Member

Patricia is a Modern Mystic, Soul Liberation Guide, Infinite Self Catalyst, Inspired Life Coach and Founding Member of the School of Light.

She blends both scientific and intuitive modalities to support you to live a life filled with love and creativity.


She specializes in the Akashic Records as a guide to support your wellbeing and the manifestation of an enriching life style for you based on your needs and desires. She uses a fusion of hands-on and distance energy medicine techniques, and coaching with options for experiencing a vibrational healing with sacred sounds, crystals and essential oils supported by nurturing bodywork.


Here work supports clearing, healing and nurturing of the physical body and light body with all its energy centers, so that you can be at your highest level of luminosity in all your manifestations and creations on earth.


She provides life style coaching from an energetic perspective, as well as meditation and spiritual guiding through the Akashic Records and as a Gene Keys Ambassador to support your deep healing, cultivation and truest expression of yourSELF in the world.


She, also, creates healing art and sacred spaces and sanctuary for healing and living by clearing toxic energy from your body and spaces and filling it back up with the good stuff.

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Featured Offering

What is an emissary?

An emissary is a person sent on a special mission, usually as a diplomatic representative or an official agent acting on behalf of the best interests of someone or something else.

Who is an emissary of sacred earth?

She is a woman who is ready and willing to show up and claim her special mission as an agent, a voice for the stewardship of the sacred earth, our beloved Mama Gaia. She is a priestess of Gaia Sophia, tending the sacred earth temple of her soul. She is an ecstatic peacekeeper who is connected to her divinity and rooted in her physical body temple. She is devoted to caring for herself and her earth sanctuary. She lives a life in feminine flow owning her birthright as a sacred feminine leader, an advocate for creating beauty and harmony on earth. She is an artist of her own life and enriches the lives of those around her. Her essence radiates pure love and compassion for the welfare of all creatures. She is a benevolent force of nature, a Creatrix of passion, beauty, grace and peace. She lives by the feminine principles of pleasure, nourishment, and benevolent creativity. 

Is this program for you?

If your soul is a yes to this transmission, you are ready to step into your sacred feminine leadership as an emissary of sacred earth.

Deep down you know that you have more to experience in this life than what you have allowed yourself.

You have been feeling that your lifestyle is not feeding your soul anymore. The things that used to light you up and make your heart sing and made you feel juicy and alive have lost their appeal and you are desiring a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to life on this scared earth.

You now have a desire and passion to access the deepest wisdom of your soul.

Maybe you are peri- menopausal or you have already crossed the threshold into the crone years.

Whatever it is that calls you here it is more than a desire it is also a biological initiation into the new genetic and cellular stage of your evolution. We complete an evolutionary cycle every 7 years of life. So perhaps you are at the approaching the end of one or entering into a whole new era of your life. 

You cannot deny this pure life force that calls you to go deeper into Her that sacred feminine leader that is no longer looking to see who is looking at her.

She is looking inward now, deeper and deeper into the mysteries of her own wisdom for the answers she has always sought outside herself.

She has finally walked out into the wild forest all alone under the moon light and taken off her old self skin revealing her true sacred earth essence and begun to dance and dance and dance in wonder and celebration of Her new skin.

She has laid down her old manifesto of conquer and hoard and surrendered to Her manifesto of living a a sacred feminine leader.

A woman that leads from Her desire and creates and rests with the cycles of nature.

A woman who radiates the sacredness of the earth in every movement, action and word she speaks.

She is Divine yet she is fully rooted into her human body and she is open to receive nourishment from the earth and to follow Her path as an initiate as an emissary of the sacred earth.

If this speaks to you, it is time to let go of what was important in your younger years and embrace the gift of being a sacred earth wisdom keeper and  sacred feminine leader.

Step into your life as an emissary of the sacred earth and join the revolution of the divine feminine.

Learn how to root in to your sacred feminine power, how to open to receive nourishment from sacred feminine and how to walk the path of the sacred feminine.

All group sessions will be available as a replay.


2 x 60 minute Emissaries of Sacred Earth Akashic Activation group zoom sessions

Session 1: There will be an AkashicField Sacred Earth Root clearing & activation of your new sacred feminine root blueprint. In this session we will explore what you need to root into your sacred feminine power in your body and in your home. 

Session 2: I will support you through a shamanic journey to create a personalized practice to maintain your new feminine root system. To be settled into who you are as a sacred woman on earth. To become a tree of life with deep and expansive roots. These practices may include personalized meditations and essential oils and daily journal to root into your sacred feminine body.


2 x 60 minute Emissaries of Sacred Earth Akashic Activation group zoom sessions 

Session 3:  There will be an AkashicField Sacred Earth nourishment clearing & activation of your new sacred feminine receiving blueprint. In this session we will explore what you need to be open to receive nourishment from the sacred earth. The time of relying on artificial means of soulful nourishment is over and it is time to really tap into the sacred wisdom of your human body and of the larger ecology of the sacred earth. She will provide for you in the ancient ways of deep earth magic.

Session 2: I will support you through a shamanic journey to create a personalized practice to remain open to receive  nourishment from the sacred earth. These practices may include sacred feminine dance practices or chanting and light language exercises. There will be a daily journal practice to connect to the Sacred Feminine wisdom of the earth.


1 x 60 minute Emissaries of Sacred Earth Akashic Activation group zoom session
1 x 60 minute 1:1 zoom session

Session 5: There will be an Akashic Field Emissary of the Sacred Earth clearing & activation of your new sacred feminine leadership blueprint. In this module we will explore what it means for you to follow your sacred feminine path and become a sacred feminine  leader. What does it look and feel like? 

Session 6: I will support you in a 1:1 session to create a personalized practice to maintain your new sacred feminine leadership lifestyle. There will be a journal to prepare your sacred feminine leadership voice and challenges to use your voice publicly. 


A private Facebook Group to support and celebrate your journey.

An Infinite Self Oracle 55 Card Deck to assist you on this journey (valued at $39). 

Opportunity for additional work with a special guests for sound healing frequency shifting and soul retrieval to deepen your transformation.


At the end of this process you will feel fully rooted, supported and confident on your new path as an emissary of the sacred earth living a life a sacred feminine leader. You will join other women on this revolutionary path of leading from wisdom of your soul and being fully held and nourished and guided by the sacred earth to live a life in balance with the earth and guide others to do the same. Each person will have their own style of leadership and all are welcomed and honored as we walk this path together in a deep love affair with ourselves and our sacred earth mother.

We begin September 21, 2021. Doors to early bird price close on September 1, 2021.

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