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Karen Goldstein

Akashic Messenger and Intuitive Energy Guide/ Founding Member

Karen is a mystical healer and steward for the new age of feminine paradigm frequency shifting. She serves humanity by allowing herself to be utilized as an instrument of Divinity.  Through her, the Akashic Record Keepers, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Loved ones, and other beings of Light transmit guidance, healing, support and mystical alchemical transmissions.

She senses with astute clarity the stems of the presenting situations and through integral alignment she sifts through layers of minutia to support clients in reaching the source of all who they are.

She holds with integrity the clear vision of who they are beneath their stories and situations and fiercely loves that being into remembrance.

With her years (and lifetimes) of experience in many modalities and schools of healing, she brings a wide array of magical tools to excavate clients from themself. 

She fearlessly goes with them hand-in-hand to the depths and heights of all we are.

It is her grandest Joy and Pleasure to bring clients into the healthiest relationship of their life...the one with themself

She opens Akashic records and peers into the depths of her client’s souls and delivers to them the nuggets they require to unlock the windows and doors to their greatest light

Through the Breath, she guides and holds her clients as their cellular structure opens and transfigures.

With her hands, voice, and entire being, she channels energy of the purest light frequency to the places within and around her clients that are ready to expand, release, and land.

She considers herself both a Teacher and Student, ever learning and growing.

She sees everyone as mirrors for our Divinity.

Her heart loves grandly and her love is all-encompassing as her path of devotion emanates love to all she touches.


Featured Offering

Healing with the Fairies | $44 | May 22, 2021 at 11 am Pacific via Zoom | Through the Akashic records we will connect with the Fairy Realm where we will open to and receive personalized healing to support us in Joyful Living.

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