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Women Holding Hands

Community Circle

Here For You

The Collective Community Circle will be a source of space holding, wisdom-sharing, and light-bearing for all of us to tap into the generative healing we all crave at this time.  


We invite you to commune with us to share and amplify Your unique Light.


Doors open May 20, 2024


*Introductory membership pricing begins at $33/month.

You will receive:

  • Weekly 30 min Creative Playspaces

  • Live Moon Cycle Contemplations

  • Live Monthly Community Calls

  • Access to the Library of Masterclasses

  • Access to recorded contemplations & transmissions

Celebrate the Equinox where we shared and amplified Our Unique Light at this Blessings Circle.

Below is a recording for you to reflect on:

What is calling you forward?

What is asking to be released?

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