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Jennifer Silva

House Whisperer & Energy Practitioner

For the past 11 years, Jennifer has been blessed to build a trusted name and business while serving as professional cleaner and organizer in Brigham City. Jennifer invests, explores and develops her intuitive gifts, talents and practice while studying with several amazing teachers of various energy healing modalities that including working with the magic of Gamma and Theta.  

In 2013 she became a Reiki Master.  Her love and dedication to bringing restored cleanliness and order to people's spaces has helped them find more peace, love and clarity in their lives.

She believes a Blessed and Welcoming Living & Work Space Enhances:

* More abundance and flow into your life

* Attracting new and more harmonious, supportive and loving relationships

* Attracting new clientele to your business

* Reduced drama, conflict, and overall stress

* Letting go of old, fear-based belief systems that are keeping you stuck

* Faster healing from illness and injuries

* Activates more clarity in realizing personal and business goals

* Assisting while going through phases of the Ascension process - to your own soul's homecoming.

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