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Susanne Joie

Frequency Shifter / Founding Member

5/1 Generator (43I23 29I30)

Susanne Joie is a beacon of light in the ethereal dance of existence, guiding seekers towards their own inner truths and higher potentials. As a Frequency Shifter at the School of Light Collective (SOLC), she orchestrates waves of change and illumination with a gentle yet resolute touch.


Her presence heralds a new era of enlightenment, where each soul is invited to embrace their divine essence and transcend limitations. Through her own path, Susanne unlocks doorways of profound new Insights of Simplicity with a Commitment to Lightness.


She inspires and uplifts others with dedication and passion, transcending the mundane to lead, teach, and inspire. At the School of Light Collective, Susanne's purpose unfolds with grace and reverence. She is a guardian of sacred play, a harbinger of simplicity, peace, and transformation. Her presence illuminates the path to graciousness, healing wounds of the past, and ushering in a new dawn of possibility for all beings.


With a lifetime dedicated to metaphysical exploration and mastery, she has cultivated a diverse skill set to serve as a guiding light. As a Gene Keys Guide, Human Design Explorer, Reiki Usui Holy Fire Master, Light Language Weaver, and Sacred Play Master, she merges ancient wisdom with modern insights to facilitate profound shifts in consciousness. 


Step into the radiant tapestry of Susanne Joie's world and embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and transcendence. Join the dance of light and shadow with her as your guide.


Featured Offering 

A Tone Meant for You

To Tap Into Your Own Tone!

In any tumultuous time, it may be a challenge to hear your own voice. Fear, doubt, anxiousness may be present. Your voice may be clouded with lots of noise: media, neighbors, family, friends, even your own thoughts. It can get quite busy in there!

These vocal toning exercises are to free yourself from those voices that affect your energy. Allowing you to tune back into your Divinity, your true nature.


Included in this series is a vocal practice for each of the following areas:

* Mental Clarity

* Releasing Sounds

* Health & Vitality

* Safety and Calm

* Focus & Strength

Short demonstration videos and a pamphlet explaining each exercise is included in this course. Move from the analytical mind and follow your own intuition. Feel what you and your body is needing. They are here for you to connect to your voice, feel great in your body and to experience more joy, laughter and play.

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