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Deborah LeeAnn Morley, MBA

Leadership Presence Catalyst/ Funding Member

Deborah LeeAnn is an Embodied Transformation Alchemist and Leadership Presence Catalyst. She trains and facilitates retreats that guide women deeply into their Brilliance so they can create a sacred impact in our communities and world.

A Dancer of Being is how the Gene Keys profile describes her Life’s Work, she guides women through the Heroine’s Journey of self-discovery of their gifts, heals them as they confront their shadows and demons and then helps each to hone her Light toward the unique purpose her heart and soul desires.

Since early in her life, seeing the world through eyes of wonder and awe has helped Deborah to become a Paradigm-Shifter in the areas of corporate and nonprofit organizations human resources.  She is based in St. Louis, Missouri, truly the heart of America and at the convergence of 2 major waterways, in the same way she blends art and science.

Drawing upon the wisdoms in Feminine Energy/Tantric Practices, Neuroscience of Change and Somatic Transformation Practices, she weaves them all together through her interactive workshops and coaching. She believes in the integration of science and spiritual, intellectual and intuitive, body and soul integration along with ancient and new-age wisdoms to support each individual in their blossoming, ownership and sharing of their unique light.

Activist, Mother, organic gardener and and community volunteer, Deborah has lived internationally 3 times, bringing a worldly view to her work. Her experience with individual and  local and global groups of conscious, spiritual and religious women leaders raises and amplifies their mission and impact in the world. 

She can be reached at or through Instagram @deborahleeannmorley and Facebook at @AuthenticLe.

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