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Join Susanne Joie and Deborah LeeAnn as they host and play in this 30 day process to create space for and welcome in Prosperity and Vitality!​

We will provide daily prompts to invite clearing, cleansing, releasing, creating and opening the space for what we are here to BE in the world.​


What does Prosperity look like to you? More vibrancy in your physicality? More Beauty in your living space? More inspiration in your connections and work? Deeper connection to your Purpose?


More flow in your Receptivity of Support and Resources?​

Let's choose one (or more) areas to welcome in and create space for, shall we? We are your Guides, and will also be participating in this playful and nourishing space. No rules, no judging, no critical comments are welcome here. Only the sharing of ideas, accountability, and loving generosity of support. Curiosity and open-heartedness to play with magic and be willing to show up for yourself is asked for.

Join Creating Sacred Space

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