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More About the School of Light

Our Mission

We honor the ancestors upon the land which we stand. We have a vision to support nonprofits that promote a sustainable lifestyle that encourages healthy and just stewardship of the resources of Gaia. We are also aligned to help those in need, whether they be suffering loss or abuse or other misfortune. We are the light upon which they can come to for refuge. We are the light sanctuary. We are here to protect the innocent and those that are unable to stand up for their rights. We have a vision to align with supporting artisans of third world countries or areas of great poverty. We have a vision to align with a nonprofit that provides services to those without funds to otherwise receive healing. We have a commitment to align with our own ancestors story and lineage and bring the wisdom and lessons as and gifts forward to create a more loving and expansive higher consciousness to earth. We are to connect with and channel our ancestors and star beings and other light beings to incorporate their transmissions and teachings into our earth curriculum. We each have a physical campus with a particular focus. We are a network of light sanctuaries. And that doesn’t mean that we do not deal with shadow and darkness for that is what we have come to do, to illuminate and embrace the darkness, so that it can be alchemized to light.

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