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We are the Curriculum. We are the School of Light.

An extension of our souls, our blood and bones, our very flesh and the cells that make us whole.

An Alchemical School. A place to commune with the Goddess and the Earth and to learn to be connected in your life to both the Divine and the Mundane as a sacred dance of pleasure and expansion into all that is. The School of Light is for those seeking refuge from the old ways that kept you trapped in the victimhood of the mind. Step into the halls of the School of Light and be forever transformed by the Alchemy of Prosperity and Abundance that live in its walls as streams of golden white Light.

This is a mystery school. A mystery school is a place where our souls are called to evolve through studies and experiences that require introspection and deep alchemical processes of spirit and flesh. It is a place for the sacred warrior, ecstatic peacekeeper, great mother, golden heroine and those most sacred souls that have moved beyond archetypes into pure white Light. It is a place to learn the healing arts and the secrets of the sacred path of the soul. The faculty and students are open to receiving teachings in novel ways and the ancient way of apprenticeships. There is a process of alignment with one’s divine design. There is a curriculum of attuning to the realms of the crystals, elementals, fae, angels & archangels, and the plant & animal kingdoms.

We offer a mastery level program where you develop your own curriculum of evolutionary soul magic. We, also, offer pay as you go courses, programs and events for those not ready to commit to a mastery level curriculum.

We invite you to experience the magic and mystery of The School of Light today and reclaim your soul’s purpose.

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About The School of Light

Our Story

A group of benevolent leadership from the stars has come to earth to work with us to create a magical school.

Magic being pure white light. They came with a prophecy of the Lightworker that could create a light sanctuary system across the world for those that need refuge from the chaos, the Great Change. The fire storms to come and the darkness that follows.

These sanctuaries are Holy Spirit schools of Light Alchemy and Design.

We are a group of Lightworkers. We have come together to create a consortium of Light magic to serve the highest good of the collective. Our offerings encompass all esoteric practices of light alchemy. We are vibrations. Come and learn the way of the rainbow spectrum.

Learn the sacred dialect of Light language and begin to change your life and create your own light pod for betterment of the earth, and come to receive healing and transformation from the masters.

Our story is one of devotion to the Light. Devotion to the Light within each and everyone of us.

Devotion to revealing more and more of that light with each breath we take until our whole body is illuminated.

The school is a school of light alchemy and design to serve the collective in creating the resources for new designs for living in the culture of Light epoch. A time that is coming where what we need will be resourced from the Light within

rather than taking more and more from the earth.

It is a school dedicated to the radiant body of the Sun and how she supports the life blood of Gaia.

The moon is the beautiful adoration and the Venusians are always present as elders in the night and morning sky.

Each student of the school must be dedicated to a path of Light. To be willing to walk in the darkest of places to return the light to those recesses of low frequency band consciousness that still exist in the planet.

~ Emissaries of the Radiant Light of Gaia

Meet Our Faculty

Devoted to the Light

Get to know the team behind Metamorphix Alchemy and Design School of Light. Behind every successful venture, there’s a talented group of special people who are highly committed to that success. Read all about the faculty, and feel free to get in touch with additional questions.

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Patricia Librada Wald-Hopkins

Patricia is a scientist turned modern mystic and is the creative visionary of the School of Light.

Teri Sertic

Teri is an intuitive life coach who is here to help women find their true essence by healing lifelong patterns.

Susanne Joie

Susanne is passionate about empowering women to remember their innate abilities and magnificence so that they soar and excel.


Karen Goldstein

Karen is a mystical healer and steward for the new age of feminine paradigm frequency shifting.

Aurora Farber

Aurora Anurca Farber is on a mission to help women ignite their “Feminine Fire” the 3 flames of POWER, LOVE and WISDOM that are the key to awakening the new feminine evolutionary consciousness that will heal our world.

Deborah LeeAnn Morley

Deborah LeeAnn is an Embodied Transformation Alchemist and Leadership Presence Catalyst.

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Philippa Hick

The Graceful Traverse of Loving and Living Life

Philippa offers supportive classes of meditation, mindfulness awareness and embodiment practices to add rituals and structure to support your wellbeing. The journey of becoming.

Tom Steward

Tom Steward is a Licensed Psychotherapist in private practice in Northern New Mexico and British Columbia. He provides clinical counseling and energy healing to individuals of all ages.

In 2017, Tom developed an energy psychology protocol called Spirit Code. Spirit Code explores the depths of the body’s subconscious to provide the transformation from the place where the issue originated. You can learn more about Spirit Code on www.tomstewart.com and receive your free e-book explaining this healing protocol.

Jennifer Silva

Jennifer believes a Blessed and Welcoming Living & Work Space Enhances: 
* More abundance and flow into your life
* Attracting new and more harmonious, supportive and loving relationships
* Attracting new clientele to your business
* Reduced drama, conflict and overall stress
* Letting go of old, fear-based belief systems that are keeping you stuck
* Faster healing from illness and injuries
* Activates more clarity in realizing personal and business goals
* Assisting while going through phases of the Ascension process - to your own soul's homecoming.


Traci Thomsen


Traci Thomsen is a re-storying guide. ​


She utilizes the alchemical creative tools of human design, gene keys, evolutionary herbalism, and astrology to illuminate and repattern unconscious internalized self-oppression, cultivate empowered self-sufficiency and co-create the lost art of belonging, through synergistic group collaboration.


As a retreat co-facilitator, she weaves in exploration with the alchemical energies of the illuminated planets with embodiment exercises and expressive art practices to co-birth the imprints of sacred mythical archetypal beings into form.

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